Custom Metal Fabrication

Deuling Design offers Custom Metal Fabrication and Prototyping work with a wide variety of tooling such as:

  1. CAD: Solidworks 2019
  2. CNC Plasma Table: 50″x48″ cutting capacity up to 1/2″ steel and 3/8″ aluminum.
  3. CNC Press Brake: 33 Ton 5ft
  4. Hydro Mechanical Press Brake: 17 Ton 4ft
  5. Beadroller: 36″ Depth Mittler Bro’s
  6. Electromagnetic Brake: 4ft
  7. Box & Pan Brake: 16ga 4ft
  8. Welding: Tig/Mig/Stick via Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC
  9. Parts Tumbling: Small parts and longer parts up to 5ft
  10. We can also outsource processes for larger projects to some of our great partners if need be.

For custom quotes Email Adam at:

Below are some examples of our custom metal fabrication Projects & Tools:

My “Big Bro” Jamey Jordan (King of Beadrolling):

Tin and Paneling:

Our custom shop chair:


Kevin Barkin Deuling makes sure Dad stays working hard all day!!!